Meaning/ Definition of Narcissist

Self Centered

  • Constantly thinking about yourself
  • Focus on getting you own needs met.

Sense Of Superiority or Entitlement

  • Feeling that you are always right
  • Feeling that you are better or deserve more than other people

Lack of Empathy

  • Lacking Compassion and feeling for other people

Manipulative or Controlling

  • Use Emotions to manipulate people
  • Tendency to be extremely jealous and controlling in relationships

Strong Need For Admiration

  • Demand admiration and praise
  • Like to be the Center of attention
  • Upset if the Spotlight is not on you

Difficulty Taking Feedback

  • Over-react to Criticism
  • Have a hard time admitting when you are wrong.

Easily Wounded

  • Quick to feel hurt or angry
  • Frequently feel wronged by others

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